An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth The Cure

Remember in the last post I said it pays to be prepared..  Yes, “an ounce of prevention is worth the cure.”  That is true for what ails peoples’ water pipes in the winter.

Due to the polar vortex, we have been seeing a lot of homes with frozen pipes.  According to the Division of Water, leave the faucet on so that a thin sliver of water flows out.  The trick is to use the faucet by the water meter.  Our neighbor even opened his outdoor faucet with an industrial bucket underneath.

Of course, it is also a good idea to insulate the water pipes.  That sounds like a project when the weather gets warmer.



It Pays To Prepare

Well, folks, the frigid temperatures and snow have been hanging around a little too long. Some people want to see the grass. Others are waiting for the South wind to blow into town.

In the meantime, a lot of us have probably run out of ice melt.Even our janitorial supplier, Dawn Chem, had to restock on their supply of “Dawn Melt,” Snow and Ice Melter.

It is always best to prepare for the season before it starts. For winter, it is best to get started in October or November. Make sure to buy ice melt, get your snow blower (if you have one) serviced, and have your snow shovel in a handy place.

As you can see, it pays to be prepared for emergencies( yes, a snowstorm). Then, Life is a lot easier.

Seal Of Approval

If you haven’t visited our website recently, be prepared for something that is visually different. The difference is good for Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep.

We have been given BBB Accreditation. Our code of ethics is the same as that of BBB. We treat our customers as if they were “gold,” perform the jobs according to their specifications, and safeguard their privacy. If there is a problem, it is addressed ASAP. Honest and dependable service is our middle name.

The Longest Job

We had been doing a job for Paul Davis Restoration since May of this year. It involved top-scrubbing, stripping and laying down wax on tile floors. All of this work was done either at Holy Family Catholic Church in Stow or St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Akron. Summit County got hit by  torrential rain on May 12th. Holy Family had five feet of water in the basement of the Church and the school.

So the bulk of the work was at Holy Family. Since Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep does the last thing (stripping, top-scrubbing and waxing floors) on the agenda, we are called in when everything else is done. As of last month, the last room in the Church basement was done!


Easiest Rental Cleaning!

We are currently working at a rental property. This is one of the jobs Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep does.

So far, the garage, basement, and front porch have been done. The cobwebs have been knocked down and the floors swept, The appliances also were done.

Usually, people leave their stove and refrigerator a mess. But the cleaning part at this property was easy!

May Recap

Even though it is almost the middle of June, I wanted to recap what happened to us last month. Actually, a lot of restoration companies had this PROBLEM. According to a newspaper article, one company west of Cleveland, had 265 calls in an hour for restoration work.

We did work for Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland Metro due to the horrendous rains. One client is a Catholic Church in Stow, Ohio that had 6 feet of water in their lowest level. Another client is in Willoughby, Ohio that needed new tiles due to some flooding.

The client in Stow still needs more exhaustive work to be done.  So, we will be back there this summer.

March Madness

March Madness is practically over for most people. But for us here at Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep, it was over on March 18.

We clean at the Irish American Club East Side. For this private club, March Madness has to do with celebrating their Irish Heritage with dancing to Irish bands, their culture, and St. Patrick.

It started March 1st with a Irish band, then Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner the next day. The next two weekends there was Harp/Guinness Nites, Family Day, Irish Coffee Nite. The celebration culminated with a Mass at Ss. Robert and William Church. Then it was off to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown Cleveland. Then it was back to the club to celebrate the day with music and dancing. We cleaned after all these events in two weeks!

Floor Jobs

This year we have gone twice to do floor waxing jobs at Holy Rosary Montessori School. It involved putting down wax on newly laid tile. This helps to give the floor shine and to make them easier to clean.

It was also different coming to the neighborhood when the Feast at Holy Rosary is not going on. The streets seemed empty.

Hate To Wash Dishes?

Do you hate to wash dishes? Don’t worry. Most homes and apartments have dishwashers. In fact, a lot of cookware can be put in the dishwasher.

Did you ever wonder who invented the dishwasher? It was a socialite, Josephine Garis Cochrane, who invented it in 1887. The “Cochrane Dishwasher” made its debut at Chicago’s World Fair in 1893.