Easiest Rental Cleaning!

We are currently working at a rental property. This is one of the jobs Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep does.

So far, the garage, basement, and front porch have been done. The cobwebs have been knocked down and the floors swept, The appliances also were done.

Usually, people leave their stove and refrigerator a mess. But the cleaning part at this property was easy!

May Recap

Even though it is almost the middle of June, I wanted to recap what happened to us last month. Actually, a lot of restoration companies had this PROBLEM. According to a newspaper article, one company west of Cleveland, had 265 calls in an hour for restoration work.

We did work for Paul Davis Restoration of Cleveland Metro due to the horrendous rains. One client is a Catholic Church in Stow, Ohio that had 6 feet of water in their lowest level. Another client is in Willoughby, Ohio that needed new tiles due to some flooding.

The client in Stow still needs more exhaustive work to be done.  So, we will be back there this summer.