Post Script

Today I am adding a post script to the bed bugs article. It is a good idea to regularly vacuum your mattress and living/family room furniture. Those are the areas where bed bugs hide. But if there is a bad infestation, they can be found behind the light switch, wall outlets, alarm clocks, lamps, or whatever is a dark environment.

Also, it is a good idea to not buy used furniture. If you do however, vacuum it thoroughly and spray with a professional strength spray for that purpose.

You have to have a good vacuum such as Windsor Sensor or Miele. These have superior suction. I prefer to use bags for the reason that if there are critters in the house there is no escape.

Busy Weekend

Yes, we will be busy cleaning this weekend. The Irish American Club East Side are hosting the Murphy Irish Dancers Friday and Saturday nights. It will be a full house each night.

I can hear their feet tapping the floor. The really young dancers will perform on Friday night. The older and more experienced dancers will follow on Saturday night.

Beware of Bedbugs

It seems that people have to learn to be on the defensive when it comes to bedbugs. We have to because once they invade your home, it takes an expert to get rid of them. And it will cost a lot of money.

When traveling, DO NOT put your suitcase on the floor or in the closet. When my husband and I traveled to Nashville last summer, we didn’t even put our clothes in the drawers. If there isn’t a suitcase stand then set it on the table (all hotel rooms usually have a table and chairs).

At home, WASH YOUR SHEETS IN HOT WATER. And dry your them on HIGH HEAT. Only very high temperatures will kill bedbugs.

Winter Slushy Mess

No matter how good you are keeping your driveway and sidewalks clean, there will always be dirt and salt (ice melt) getting tracked into the house. However, that wouldn’t happen if you have an outside mat in front of the entry and an inside mat in behind the entry door.

It also helps to keep boots and outdoor shoes in an stowed away from the Main Living Area/Office. Carpets and tile floors stay cleaner by following this procedure.