Dreaded Household Chores

At the beginning of this month, we were contracted to get a house ready for its first rental.  It was a fairly easy job since the previous occupant was a elderly widower who didn’t do much cooking.  One person doesn’t get the house very dirty.

Of course when it rains it pours.  We got a call to do another rental on February 8.  This one was really bad since people these days do not have respect for the property of others.

Anyway, when Gene and one of our employees was cleaning at the second rental property, the ex-renter happened to stop in to leave the key.  He/She had seen Gene cleaning the Over-The-Range Microwave with Formula 409 which is a degreaser.  The previous renter declared that the stove (which was really bad for a smooth-cooktop) didn’t need to be cleaned since it had a self-cleaning element.

WELL JUST BECAUSE THE STOVE HAS A SELF-CLEANING FEAUTURE DOESN’T MEAN THE COOK DOESN’T HAVE TO DO ANY CLEANING AT ALL.  IT IS NOT DONE BY MAGIC!  Even the instruction manual for stoves tell owners that excess spillage must be wiped up before setting the self-cleaning on.  A lot of smoke could end up spewing from the stove.  Even a fire could result since the temperature goes up to 900 degrees in some models.

Yes,cleaning the stove is one of the most dreaded household jobs.  But it is not safe to cook with grease on the stove or in the oven.  Even EASY OFF OVEN CLEANER declares that everyone deserves to have their meals cooked in a CLEAN OVEN.  The food even tastes better!

It is not so hard to clean up after every meal.  A little cleaning now is easier than having to clean for several hours.  Then the job won’t be approached with trepidation and dread.



Weekend Activities

Again, we had a busy weekend. Friday night, the Irish American Club had a Hawaiian Lua. We didn’t get done cleaning until 3:A.M. even with 3 workers! Then it was decided between Gene and 1 of our workers to go to the Beach Club Grill to clean there. Why bother going to bed when you are already psyched up.

On Sunday, Ss. Robert and William had a Pancake Breakfast. There is nothing like a stack of pancakes and sausage to start off Super Bowl Sunday.. There was plenty of work to do there also.