Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep

Both mornings last weekend was spent cleaning at The Beach Club Bistro in Euclid and The Beach Club Grill in Concord.  Their pizzas are out of this world! Mangia mania!

We also spent Saturday night at the Irish American Club East Side cleaning up after a wedding.  It was messy since there were a lot of children in attendance.  They must have had a lot of fun!

Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep

Hello, I never thought that yours truly would be writing a blog for our cleaning business. I have followed a few blogs of artists and my older son-in-law who is a minister (blogged for a couple years or more to practice his writing skills).

Gino recently completed a floor job at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Strongsville.  It took three days to complete: stripping & waxing the meeting room and top-scrubbing the Rectory. The total area encompassed 3,700 sq. feet.

See you next time!