People here in Cuyahoga (bordering Lake Erie) and Lake County got water in their basements from the rain early last Saturday morning. A lot of work was involved throwing things away and getting the moisture out.

If anyone of you is using bleach to disinfect the basement, make sure to use a mask. Bleach gives off fumes that is very hard on the lungs.

Those Pesky Oil Spills

Recently, a friend’s car leaked oil on her driveway. “How do I get the oil off,” she asked. Well, I decided to Google the answer to that question. You will not believe the answers I found.

Wiki HOW TO CLEAN -OIL -OFF- A -DRIVEWAY: 1. Kitty Litter (only works if the oil is fresh), 2. Pepsi and use a scrub brush, then rinse, 3. Peat Moss(?), 4. Dawn (the blue concentrated kind) & Murphy’s Oil Soap, 5. Simple Green, 6. Liquid Tide. Oh, someone else told me laundry detergent and bleach with a lot of elbow grease.The best thing to do is to put a large piece of cardboard under the car until the problem is fixed. An ounce of prevention is worth the cure.