Busy Time Of Year

I didn’t get to post on this blog earlier this week due to all the baking that had to get done. For most of our clients, I bake a Caramel Braid which is better than Monkey Bread. So far, twelve Caramel Braids have been baked and distributed. Just as in the commercial for Lay’s Potato Chips, when the Caramel Braid is sitting on a plate in your kitchen, you can’t eat just one piece. It gets devoured.

Anyway, we clean up after two events at the Irish American Club. Last Saturday, the kids had Breakfast with Santa. There were 250 people there! And this past Monday, they had their Monthly Meeting.

Time To Get Busy

Yes, the Christmas Season has started. It is time to clean house, bake cookies, and go Christmas shopping for family and friends. How is a person to do all of these things on top of having a full-time job? Or maybe you are the owner of a business where spare time seems to slip through your fingers?

All it takes is organization. You just have to plan your days from now through the New Year. I have already planned what to give my clients for Christmas. Most of them receive baked goods i.e. Caramel Braid or cookies. Only a very few receive a Poinsetta . Not everyone likes to take care of plants.

The next 20 days will find me working with my mid-sized Kitchen Aid mixer churning out probably 12 or 13 Caramel Braids and dozens of cookies. It will be tough but doable.