The Weekend

Ss. Robert and William had a Benefit Spaghetti Dinner for a junior high student who has cancer. His name is Conrad Mace. Please pray for him.

Anyway, we had to set up for the event in the Gym on Friday. The Spaghetti Dinner was on Saturday. There were 86 gift baskets for Chinese Auction (all donated) besides a 50/50 Raffle. Hope the proceeds help with the mounting medical bills.

So, last night we had to not only clean up but take down the tables and chairs. Some of the chairs belonged in the Cafeteria which is on the 2nd floor. It was a lot of work.

We had a really busy day yesterday. Two businesses needed their tile floors top-scrubbed and waxed while I vacuumed at Moore Counseling’s huge meeting room which can be rented for parties.

The above mentioned jobs were in addition to what we normally do on a weekday. It was a great day to work our rear ends off.

Weekend Event At Ss. Robert and William

As I said last time, 350 tickets were sold for the Taste Of The Nations event for last Saturday night. There was also a Chinese Auction/Fundraiser.

It must have been a blast. The clean-up took several hours on Sunday. We had to finish up on Monday morning.