We had to clean at Ss. Robert and William School on Saturday and Sunday. There was a Reverse Raffle on Saturday and Open House on Sunday. The school was really buzzing!

Looking Back

Gene started to do some floor work at the Slovenian Society Home in Euclid last week.  He usually does some work for the Home about once a year. The floor work will be done this week.

And the Irish American Club East Side requested that floor jobs be done on the floors on Downstairs Dance Area and the Game Room.  They are gearing up for when the Murphy Irish Dancers give a outstanding show at the end of February.  Can’t you just feel your toes tapping whenever you hear Riverdance?  I actually like Irish step-dancing a whole lot better than Slovenian Polkas!

It’s a brand New Year!

Yes, it is hard to believe that the second week of the New Year is almost completed.So much to accomplish such as throwing out the old and reorganizing.  Did you know that paint cans don’t last indefinitely even if stored above 32 degrees? Yes, clean out the basement, closets, and drawers! Don’t wait until Spring.

In December, Fiorelli’s Grand Sweep did 2 stripping & waxing jobs, one at St. Rita’s School in Solon and the other at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church on Detroit Ave. in Cleveland. It was a great way to end the year!