Awhile back, a post talked about bedbugs. Today, I saw an article in The Plain Dealer about a woman and her son have a business in detecting bedbugs in a person’s home. How do they do that? Easy! They have a Jack Russell/Beagle mix dog who does sniffing for the pests.

The dog takes you straight to where the bedbugs are holed up. This eliminates the need to have the whole house treated. The company is called Nip It Canine Bed Bug Detection Service. The only problem is that this company does not take care of exterminating the bugs. Read the whole article “Canine Sniffs Out Pesky Bedbugs” in

I had seen dogs being used to sniff out bombs and drugs and search and rescue. But this takes the cake. Aren’t dogs amazing!

Busy Weekend

Besides the regular jobs that we do on the weekend, there is the Irish American Club East Side’s activities. They are having Irish Coffee Night this evening with entertainment by Two2Many. We have to clean the Hall tonight because there will be a Pancake Breakfast Sunday morning after the 9:00 A.M. Mass from 10:30 A.M. – 12:30 A.M.

People will come to the club after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade for food and entertainment again provided by Two2Many and from Neal Jacobs. The place will be packed so there will also be cleaning need to be done Sunday night.

Cleaning Those Nasty Oven Racks

Last weekend I decided to clean the oven racks. They weren’t too dirty but I didn’t want to spend a long time scrubbing.

The last time I did this chore the racks were put in the stationary tub. Since they are wider then the tub, they could only be cleaned half way. What I did was to put in white vinegar (1/2 to a full gallon) and some water along with baking soda. I left them in for an hour or so. Then they were turned over. Again wait for the vinegar/baking soda to work. It was easy to get the dirt off.

This time I put them in the bathtub (lined with a couple of towels to prevent scratches). Both racks were laid down in the vinegar water mixed with baking soda and left for an hour. There was not a lot of scrubbing to get them clean. However, the towels soaked up the water. Next time I might put a piece of tarp or heavy plastic in the tub and lay the oven racks down to be cleaned.

To Bag Or Not To Bag

I know, I know that it is a lot easier and less expensive to have a bagless vacuum. All you have to do is take the cup out, empty the dirt, and put the cup back in. But dust will fly if one is not careful.

I feel that it is better to contain the dirt in a bag. Windsor vacuum cleaners have a paper bag while Miele has a cloth-like bag. If there are pets in the house, put a flea collar in the bag. While vacuuming, flea eggs will get picked up and killed in the bag. With these vacuums no dirt will be left behind!