Cleaning Those Nasty Oven Racks

Last weekend I decided to clean the oven racks. They weren’t too dirty but I didn’t want to spend a long time scrubbing.

The last time I did this chore the racks were put in the stationary tub. Since they are wider then the tub, they could only be cleaned half way. What I did was to put in white vinegar (1/2 to a full gallon) and some water along with baking soda. I left them in for an hour or so. Then they were turned over. Again wait for the vinegar/baking soda to work. It was easy to get the dirt off.

This time I put them in the bathtub (lined with a couple of towels to prevent scratches). Both racks were laid down in the vinegar water mixed with baking soda and left for an hour. There was not a lot of scrubbing to get them clean. However, the towels soaked up the water. Next time I might put a piece of tarp or heavy plastic in the tub and lay the oven racks down to be cleaned.