Getting Ready For The Weekend

Yes siree, we have another big weekend just around the corner. At Ss. Robert and William we have to set up tables and chairs in the Gym for the TASTE OF THE NATIONS. This event is sold out folks. and is happening on Saturday, April 28.

Classrooms are converted into Italian, French, German, East European, and Irish restaurants while a polka band plays in the Gym. There will be plenty of work cleaning up after this event.

Weekend Cleaning

Excuse my mistake about an event at the Irish American Club East Side. The Padraic Pearse had a Ladies Luncheon and Reverse Raffle on Sunday not Saturday.

A good crowd of women came and had a good time. The food was provided by Debring Catering. There was a lot of cleaning to do to get the club ready for the next event.

We have been doing a little more work at the Irish American Club, East Side this week. One of their organizations, Padraic Pearse, is having a fundraiser this Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Upstairs Dance Floor got stripped and waxed. Today, we had to set up tables and chairs for the fundraiser. Then, it will be back to the club Saturday night to clean up after the event.

Yesterday, I perused a magazine article on everyday cleaning products from REAL SIMPLE. One of the items listed was paper towels –Viva. I prefer Bounty. No lints are left behind and the product is strong. Also on the list was Bar Keeper’s Friend Cream Cleanser. I have never used the cream cleanser only the powdered for my microwave convection oven and the ceramic cooktop. Actually, I prefer Bar Keeper’s Friend instead of Weiman’s Glass Cooktop Cleaner. The aforementioned product can leave a powdery residue when finished cleaning. When there has been a lot of cooking done i.e spaghetti sauce, chilli, breaded chicken tenders, etc, I ALWAYS reach for Bar Keeper’s Friend. It cleans the grease and grime much better.

Back To Spring Fever

Yeah, I know it doesn’t feel like spring with the return of wintry weather.  But that means the spades and gardening gloves go back into storage.  March back into the house to complete the spring cleaning.

Since most people work, spring cleaning projects can be done one night during the week or on the weekend.  Enlist the help of family members to get the job done faster.  Besides it is great to do things together.

Spring Break

Many schools had spring break last week. At Ss. Robert & Willam, it is from this Thursday, 4/5/12 thru Friday, 4/13/12. I am sure the students are estatic.

However, we have to step up into high gear to do the floor work, i.e stripping and waxing, spray-buffing, etc. Even the restrooms need to have extra cleaning done.

How about you? I bet everyone wants to get outside to do their yard work instead of cleaning their closets, dresser drawers, and storage areas. It is better to chip away a little at a time than to have a big project and be overwhelmed.