Since the weather was so nice two weeks ago, people have been getting outside to clean their yards. But I hope their houses weren’t forgotten. Usually people do spring cleaning in their houses when winter is over.

Actually, cleaning the house thorougly doesn’t need to be relegated to this time of year. Years ago when people heated their homes with coal, their homes would get dirty from the soot. When the weather got warm then the coal furnace didn’t need to be used until the next winter. Out came the cleaning rags, Murphy’s Oil Soap and buckets. Then in the late Fall, the houses needed to be cleaned again from the windows being opened during the summer heat.

Since gas furnaces are clean (as long as the filters are changed regularly) and most people cool their homes during the summer, there is no need to clean at specific times of the year. Just clean when it needs to be done. Isn’t that a lot easier?

End of the Season

The Irish American Club East Side Pipes and Drums were featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It was a beautiful day for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Did you read how many people came to watch? An astounding 500,00! It was the luck of the Irish that gave us the good weather last Saturday.

Of course, we had to come to the Irish American Club in Euclid to clean. Club members had come after the parade to visit with friends and family. Everyone had a good time with music, dancing and food.


It has been a busy weekend. Last Saturday, it was Harp Guinness Nite II and on Sunday they celebrated Family Day.

To start off the week on a glorious note, members filled the Club to the walls for the monthly meeting. The step dancers come tapping their shoes and the bag pipers bellow their music to the delight of the people who came.

Soo, this morning there is a lot of cleaning after the monthly meeting. Everybody is gearing up for the Irish Coffee Night that will be held this Friday. Yes, we will be cleaning that night because people come early in the morning for doughnuts before going to church at Ss. Robert and William to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Dreaded Household Chores cont’d

This is about electric stoves.  I have a pet peeve with people who line their drip pans with foil.  Yes, that is done so you people don’t have to clean the pan.  But it doesn’t look aesthetic.  Also, the foils do get dirty and should be changed very frequently if there is a lot of cooking done.  Or else, there is the danger of a fire.

Really, the drip pans should be cleaned either right away after getting soiled or along with the evening dishes.  Otherwise, the soil causes pitting and the debris doesn’t come off.  That is why I like my smooth cook-top.  It forces the owner to keep the cooking area clean.

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner at IACES

The Irish American Club was packed for their Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner. This event is always on the first Sunday in March almost two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day.

At Ss. Robert and William School, we had to set up chairs and tables for the second graders’ Reconciliation party in the Gym.. And of course, those tables and chairs had to be put away after the event.

High Season of the Irish

Last weekend was the Kickoff to St. Patrick’s Day with a performance by The Kreellers. I am sure everyone had a good time since they perform their own Celtic Rock with all kinds of modern styles. It took quite a while to clean up after this event. Think I am going to look up their website and listen to their music.