Since the weather was so nice two weeks ago, people have been getting outside to clean their yards. But I hope their houses weren’t forgotten. Usually people do spring cleaning in their houses when winter is over.

Actually, cleaning the house thorougly doesn’t need to be relegated to this time of year. Years ago when people heated their homes with coal, their homes would get dirty from the soot. When the weather got warm then the coal furnace didn’t need to be used until the next winter. Out came the cleaning rags, Murphy’s Oil Soap and buckets. Then in the late Fall, the houses needed to be cleaned again from the windows being opened during the summer heat.

Since gas furnaces are clean (as long as the filters are changed regularly) and most people cool their homes during the summer, there is no need to clean at specific times of the year. Just clean when it needs to be done. Isn’t that a lot easier?