Dusting Tips

Recently on the Internet, I came across an article on several ways a person is dusting the wrong way. Here are the tips to do it correctly:
1. Clean heat/air conditioning registers
2. DO NOT DRY DUST – instead spray microfiber dusters/cloths with dusting spray
3. DO NOT SPRAY ON FURNITURE – if you must do so to remove dirt, spray lightly, then go over the area with dry, clean cloth to buff to remove polish residue
4. DO NOT USE A FEATHER DUSTER – it just spreads dust from one surface to another.
5. CLEAN YOUR VACUUM FILTERS. Look up manufacturer’s directions.

Always Have More Than Enough

The last time I blogged it was about using salt melt sparingly. The reason for that is because too much can damage the cement walkways/driveway.

Another reason is to have enough to last the winter. This one has been socking us snow since December. We never know whether in this area whether it will be a mild or snowy season. So, always buy more than enough in early November. If you don’t use it all then there will be some left for the next winter.

We usually buy our ice melt from Dawn Chem, Inc. They always get a shipment every week. However, last week their delivery was late. Probably because there is a salt shortage due to the long snow season we are having.

Using Salt Sparingly

Yeah, the snow is melting with the warmer temperatures. Why am I talking about using salt sparingly? Well, too much salt can corrode the cement walkways and driveways. Also, that stuff can get in your house causing the entry and kitchen floors to get very messy.

So, it is better to use the kind that are small. And DON’T USE TOO MUCH. Make sure there is a mat behind your entry door. That way you don’t have to work so hard to keep the floors clean.

Winter’s Mess

What is the worst thing about winter? No, it is not the cold. It is not that you can get cabin fever. It is keeping the house clean due to wet boots and salt.

There is a solution to this problem. First, have a mat directly inside the common entry. Second, designate an area close to the entry to keep the wet boots/shoes.

Be On The Lookout

Just read in The Plain Dealer today that bed bugs were discovered in the Justice Center. The affected areas were treated and workers were advised how to prevent and eradicate the pests if discovered in their homes.

When traveling, DO NOT PUT SUITCASE ON FLOOR OR BEDS. DO NOT PUT CLOTHES IN THE HOTEL ROOM DRAWERS. It is better to put the suitcase on a luggage rack. If there are not luggage racks available, then put suitcase in the bathtub. Most people find bed bugs in their home after coming home from a trip.

Reconstruction Dust

We have been spending the last three days cleaning up after construction workers installing fire doors here at Ss. Robert and William School. The walls and floors needed to be cleaned.

Anytime there is work done there is always dust. Actually there is ALWAYS dust in the air. Just more so after construction.

Work Before The Holiday

At Ss. Robert and William’s School we had a typical short work week. The children only attended school on Monday and Tuesday.

However, the guys in the cleaning crew had a special project. They had to strip and wax the floor in the Gym. It really looks nice for the Christmas Season.

Do The Job Better

I find that in order to do a good job is to have good lighting. It is especially great when it is a sunny day.

But when cleaning at night, lots of good lighting is essential. Otherwise there will be a lot of missed dirt or lints.

WOW! That Is Interesting!

Recently, I was reading an online article about ‘flushable’ bathroom wipes. Sewers and pipes are getting clogged all over the U.S.! It got so bad in western New York that sewer officials set up traps or baskets in the pipes to find out where they were coming from. People got letters or house calls and were told to stop using those ‘flushable’ bathrooms wipes.

Tests were even done to see if these wipes are indeed ‘flushable.’ After going through the sewer system, there are only a few rips and tears. They do not disintegrate. So, people are being told to only flush “urine, human feces, and toilet tissue.”

Just Thinking About…..

The other day I put looped-mopheads in the washer. YES, WE WASH OUR MOPS! Why use something dirty to make your floors clean? It doesn’t make sense.

I cringe whenever my eyes see mops for sale that cannot be washed. Whatever floors those mops touch cannot be very clean. Whether it is a sponge mop, the Libman Wonder mop, or the old-fashioned string mop, these products NEED lots and lots of rinsing in clear water to be clean for the next floor job.