Busy As A Bee

We did whole house cleaning at two houses this week. This kind of work is usually a big job.

One house did not actually need any cleaning since it had been well-maintained. This was done to prepare for putting the house on real estate market.

The second house that we did last Thursday was a rental. The person who hired us was moving out. and didn’t have time to do a whole house cleaning.

Whew! Glad That’s Over.

Last weekend, we volunteered to be in charge of grounds crew clean-up for The Ss. Robert and William Family Festival. It lasted for four days from Aug. 15th through Sunday, Aug. 18th.

It really kept us busy doing the volunteer work besides our regular jobs. Then, we had to cram getting ready for the start of the new school year. All of doing floors (Gym, Stage, and Main Hallway)and getting the restrooms cleaned had to be done in two and a half days!


People here in Cuyahoga (bordering Lake Erie) and Lake County got water in their basements from the rain early last Saturday morning. A lot of work was involved throwing things away and getting the moisture out.

If anyone of you is using bleach to disinfect the basement, make sure to use a mask. Bleach gives off fumes that is very hard on the lungs.

Those Pesky Oil Spills

Recently, a friend’s car leaked oil on her driveway. “How do I get the oil off,” she asked. Well, I decided to Google the answer to that question. You will not believe the answers I found.

Wiki HOW TO CLEAN -OIL -OFF- A -DRIVEWAY: 1. Kitty Litter (only works if the oil is fresh), 2. Pepsi and use a scrub brush, then rinse, 3. Peat Moss(?), 4. Dawn (the blue concentrated kind) & Murphy’s Oil Soap, 5. Simple Green, 6. Liquid Tide. Oh, someone else told me laundry detergent and bleach with a lot of elbow grease.The best thing to do is to put a large piece of cardboard under the car until the problem is fixed. An ounce of prevention is worth the cure.

Cool Nights for Cleaning

If you needed to use the self-cleaning function for your oven, the cool nights were perfect for this task. Just remember to put your pet birds in another room with the door closed. Some birds are sensitive to the fumes that can be emitted when an oven is undergoing the cleaning process.

If you have been making sure there are no large spills in the oven there shouldn’t be smoke when the oven is in the self-cleaning function. According to my stove instructions, a fire can happen if an unusually large spill is left in the oven during the extremely high temperatures (think 900 degrees) of self-cleaning. So wipe up the bottom of the oven!

Cleaning At The Irish American Club

Yesterday we cleaned up after a big event that was held at the Irish American Club East Side. A cocktail party was hosted by the club last Thursday for the World Premiere of the movie “Made In Cleveland.” The movie was shown at the Lakes Shore Atlas Theater located on Lake Shore Blvd. in Euclid, Ohio.

Guests included robin Swoboda of WKYC and Leon Bibb of WEWS. It was a great turnout and fabulous food.

Irish American Club, East Side

We did floor work at the Irish American Club, East Side, last Tuesday. The Main Hall’s Dance floor was spray-buffed while the Phil Walsh Room’s Dance floor was stripped and waxed. A lot of feet have danced on these floors the past year.

Last of all, the kitchen floor was stripped and waxed. The club does a lot of cooking for members’ events.


My husband and I were at Rainbow Hospital for our grandson’s surgery on Wednesday. A custodial person came in to clean. The last thing she did was to clean the floor with a flat mop! And the floor was not swept.

The flat mop was used to both clean and sweep the floor. By the time she got to the door way, the debris got swept with a broom and picked up with a dustpan.

The flat mop IS THE BETTER WAY to clean your floor. Pre-moistened cloths can leave the surface feeling tacky.

The way it was done