We recently completed cleaning 2 units in a rental property. It had the usual grease spots on the walls by the stove and down the sides of the stove. Who knows how long the grease has been there. When it is left too long, the grease spots get hard and cleaning is a major job.

The owner of the rental property stopped by to see how we were doing. He has had experience cleaning up a very dirty house at his previous job as a caretaker at a resort. Anyway, he commented that people think that sweeping the floor and vacuuming the carpet is pretty much all there is to cleaning. That is probably less than one-quarter the job of maintaining a residence. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen should be done on a daily basis. If there was a mess that occurred on the stove, don;t wait to clean the next day. It is easier to clean when the grease/boiled over mess is fresh. Even laundry stains should be dealt with ASAP!