Cleaning Tip

Here is a cleaning tip that will amaze you.  When you use a cleaning product, for the floor, i.e. Spic-N-Span, Mr. Clean, etc, just use 2 TBS of the product in one quarter of a bucket of water. Using too much cleaning solution can cause your floor to get tacky or sticky.  Water is a cleaning agent.  And don’t use a whole bucket because if it should spill, you’ll just spill a lot of water.

As for the cleaning implement, don’t use a sponse mop.  It is always dirty so how can you get your floor clean.  Also, don’t use Swiffer Jet or Swiffer Wet Pads or anything that requires you to keep purchasing the cleaning cloths or even use batteries.  Instead get the flat mop, Rubbermaid Reveal.  You can use your own cleaning solution in the bottle provided and the microfiber can be thrown in the wash load.  Very eco-friendly.